Monday, May 31, 2010

T-64 BM2 1/35 SBS

next parts:

Richard I 1/12 SBS

Im working on the head:

Me-109 T 1/72 SBS

Almost ready to paint:

FW-190D-9 1/72 SBS

I put the putty:

German Panzer Grenadier 1/25 metal figure SBS

Im working with head:

Sunday, May 30, 2010

T-64 BM2 1/35 SBS

next step:

T-64 BM2 1/35 SBS

uff tracks done:

Gulaschkanone 1/35 Academy INBOX

Only Inbox - Im not building this kit now.

Gulaschkanone 1/35 Tamiya SBS

First step:

Gulaschkanone 1/35 Tamiya INBOX

My next model on diorama: